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Known issues

AsxiiDoxy needs to perform some parsing to create links in compound types. For example for types like: MyContainer<MyType, MyAllocator>. It will try to create links to MyContainer, MyType, and MyAllocator. Sometimes it fails to parse the full type. In that case a warning is shown and the generated documentation may not show links to all known types.

When this happens, please open an issue on GitHub with the following information:

  • A minimal sample of source code that triggers the warning.

  • The Doxygen configuration and version used to create the XML input.

  • The version of AsciiDoxy used.

  • Log output when running AsciiDoxy with --log DEBUG.

Diagrams are shown as text

AsciiDoctor-Diagram is required to generate the diagrams. It may also depend on external tools like GraphViz and PlantUML. Make sure they are all installed. Then enable AsciiDoctor-Diagram when using AsciiDoxy:

asciidoxy ... --require asciidoctor-diagram ...

PlantUML diagrams are missing

Doxygen ignores PlantUML diagrams if the path to PlantUML is not set. They are not even exported to the XML output. Make sure you set the path to PlantUML when creating the XML to be used as input to AsciiDoxy.

Formulae are shown as text

By default equations and formulae (called STEM in AsciiDoc) are not enabled. To enable equations and formulae add the :stem: attribute to the document header of each file containing them.