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Command-line options

To see all command line options, run:

asciidoxy --help
    ___              _ _ ____             0.8.7
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  / /| | / ___/ ___/ / / / / / __ \| |/_/ / / /
 / ___ |(__  ) /__/ / / /_/ / /_/ />  </ /_/ /
/_/  |_/____/\___/_/_/_____/\____/_/|_|\__, /

usage: asciidoxy [-h] [-B BASE_DIR] [--image-dir IMAGE_DIR]
                 [--python-dir PYTHON_DIR] [-s SPEC_FILE] [-v VERSION_FILE]
                 [--build-dir BUILD_DIR] [-D DESTINATION_DIR] [-b BACKEND]
                 [--multipage] [-W] [--force-language LANGUAGE]
                 [--cache-dir CACHE_DIR] [-S SAFE_MODE] [-a ATTRIBUTE]
                 [-d DOCTYPE] [-r LIBRARY] [--failure-level LEVEL] [--debug]
                 [--log LOG_LEVEL] [--template-dir TEMPLATE_DIR]

Generate API documentation using AsciiDoctor

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Specifying input resources:
  INPUT_FILE            Input AsciiDoc file.
  -B BASE_DIR, --base-dir BASE_DIR
                        Base directory containing the document and resources.
                        If no base directory is specified, local include files
                        cannot be found.
  --image-dir IMAGE_DIR
                        Directory containing images to include. If no image
                        directory is specified, only images in the `images`
                        directory next to the input file can be included.
  --python-dir PYTHON_DIR
                        Directory containg Python code to include in the
                        documentation. If no explicit Python directory is
                        specified, either `BASE_DIR` or the directory
                        containing the input file is used to find Python code

Loading external data:
  -s SPEC_FILE, --spec-file SPEC_FILE
                        Package specification file.
  -v VERSION_FILE, --version-file VERSION_FILE
                        Version specification file.

Controlling output:
  --build-dir BUILD_DIR
                        Build directory.
                        Destination for generated documentation.
  -b BACKEND, --backend BACKEND
                        Set output backend format used by AsciiDoctor. Use
                        special backend `adoc` to produce AsciiDoc files only
                        and not run AsciiDoctor on it.

AsciiDoxy behavior:
  --multipage           Generate multi-page document.
  -W, --warnings-are-errors
                        Stop processing input files when a warning is
  --force-language LANGUAGE
                        Force language used when parsing doxygen XML files.
                        Ignores the language specified in the XML files.
  --cache-dir CACHE_DIR
                        Directory for caching generated python code for
                        templates and input documents. Reduces runtime for
                        consecutive runs by skipping codegeneration for
                        unchanged files.

AsciiDoctor options:
  These options are not used by AsciiDoxy itself, but are used to run
  AsciiDoctor. See AsciiDoctor documentation for details.

  -S SAFE_MODE, --safe-mode SAFE_MODE
                        Set safe mode level.
  -a ATTRIBUTE, --attribute ATTRIBUTE
                        Define, override, or unset a document attribute.
  -d DOCTYPE, --doctype DOCTYPE
                        Set the document type.
  -r LIBRARY, --require LIBRARY
                        Require the specified library before executing
  --failure-level LEVEL
                        Set the minimum log level that results in a failure
                        for AsciiDoctor.

Debugging AsciiDoxy:
  --debug               Store debug information.
  --log LOG_LEVEL       Set the log level.

Experimental features:
  Use at your own risk!

  --template-dir TEMPLATE_DIR
                        Directory containing custom templates to use instead
                        of the default templates shipped with AsciiDoxy.
                        Templates found in this directory will be used in
                        favor of the default templates. Only when a template
                        is not found here, the default templates are used.